Micromacinazione works closely with the foremost multinational pharmaceutical companies, taking an active part from the early development stages of a new project through to industrial production.

We use our own engineering competencies to optimize the design and manufacturing of our jet-mills.


The offering covers 37 spiral and opposed Jet-mills and Pin Mills with different capacities, from a few grams up to tons of APIs, all installed under cGMP conditions. Dedicated areas for all different classes of APIs including high containment systems for handling highly potent compounds with a containment down to 20ng/m3.


Our R&D team of chemists and engineers with deep expertise in particle size engineering assists customers through feasibility trials, DoE (Design of Experiments) studies following QbD (Quality by Design) approach and development of innovative jet-milling solutions.


Micromacinazione offers standard or fully customized equipment to meet User Requirement Specifications.
 Our engineering solutions include the design and manufacturing of jet-mills, glove-boxes, containment technologies and pneumatic conveyors.


Micromacinazione commitment to excellence is guaranteed by the continuous improvement of our Quality Systems . Over the last 10 years, our facilities have been inspected by more than 200 different auditing teams. The regular customer, regulatory and internal audits further contribute to assure compliance with the GMP requirements.